About us

Pepper’s Deli & Butcher

Georg and Heike went to School in Germany, Georg to be certified as a Master Butcher and Heike to learn everything there is to know about Sausage, Meats, cuts and how to sell it. Anybody can sell anything but in order to have satisfied Customers one should know what he’s talking about.

George made his Master Certificate in 1990, so he’s had quite some time to acquire knowledge and try different recipes for Sausages. In Germany it is a requirement to have a Master Degree before opening a Store, whether it is for Butchering,  selling Bread or cutting hair! Unfortunately a lot of people don’t know what they’re buying, what exactly is in the product or how its been made.

There are loads of channels that show you “ how to re-decorate my home” or “ Super Nanny needed”, yet there is not one that shows you what exactly is in the foods you buy at the Supermarket or Butcher shop.  Next time you stroll through your local Supermarket take a look at Dog or Cat food prices, then take a look at the prices of the Meats or Cold Cuts. Its scary to see when “ Old Fashioned Hot Dogs” cost less than the food you buy for your pets.

Nonetheless you want your little loved ones to eat good quality food, but if there are just a couple cents difference from your food to their food you should begin to wonder. A lot more people would consider buying the pre packaged hot dogs at the supermarket and maybe go to a local owned Butcher Store where they don’t use fillers. They will not be able to match the Supermarket prices but at least you know you will be eating quality food without flour, milk, m.s.g. and other fillers. Have you ever read the back of a hot dog package? Oh yeah, all those funny names that no one can pronounce, that’s what that is.

In our products we do NOT use any flour, milk, preservatives of any sort. 100% Meat. Some people consider us pricey id call it Price worthy! All the Spices and Casing are Imported from Germany which is why it tastes just like “Home”. Everything you see in our Deli case is homemade. Actually, let me rephrase that, everything besides the Cheese (since we’re a Butcher Store and not a Cheese Factory). And unfortunately we have to import the Salamis, since the humidity just wont allow them to fully dry.

We also serve Lunch from 11am until 2pm, something different everyday, and cooked from scratch. We bake German Pretzels, Bread & Rolls fresh everyday. But not only that, we range in a variety from German Chocolate, to Pickles, to Candy and depending on the time of year Christmas items such as Stollen and Lebkuchen. Its amazing to see Customers come from all over the World to find things in our Store that they haven’t had in over 20 years. And its always a pleasure to hear stories about the Stollen their Grandmother used to bake or how we’re the only store that carries their favorite item. Always up to date with new Items, we try to keep our customers happy and satisfied.

Come in and enjoy the wide range of products we have to offer, we do it too!
Your Pepper’s Team